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Over time your system can become inefficient due to becoming dirty or parts starting to fail. This can cause high energy bills as well. To prevent this from happening we offer an affordable yearly maintenance plan where we will come out during the Spring / Fall before the peak of the heating and cooling seasons. During this time we perform a 26 point inspection of the equipment, change air filters, and let you know if we recommend any additional service before any future issues arise. Our plan also includes priority emergency service as well as a 10% discount on parts.

Our 26 Point Inspection

●    Check manifold gas pressure

●    Check blower alignment

●    Check blower motor

●    Check/adjust the main burner

●    Check Igniter

●    Check airflow

●    Clean condensate drains

●    Clean flame sensor

●    Clean condenser coils (if needed)

●    Inspect heat exchanger

●    Check for gas/combustion leaks

●    Check draft

●    Check temperature settings

●    Check humidity setting (if applicable)

●    Clean or replace filters

●    Check for duct leakage

●    Check amps and voltages

●    Clean evaporator coil (if needed)

●    Check controls operation

●    Test limit switch

●    Inspect wiring & connections

●    Check thermostat

●    Check refrigerant charge

●    Check capacitors

●    Algaecide drain pans

●    Tighten electrical connections

●    Cycle check operations

Interested in a preventative maintenance plan? Contact Us Today!

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